Winner, winner chicken dinner!

I recently entered an Instagram contest through Swagbucks Gifts Back. I love the Swagbucks app and have done a couple of posts about it and other money saving apps I use.

Well today I got home and there was a large Amazon box on my front porch. I have ordered several gifts through Amazon Prime but knew I hadn’t ordered anything recently so I told my son he could open up.

I was so excited to find the Lotus Trolley Bag set from Amazon that I had asked for in the Swagbucks contest. I am trying to reduce my carbon footprint one step at a time so this gift/win was so appreciated!

Watch the video here.

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Shapermint worth a try.

In October I purchased my first Shapermint product, the high waisted panty. I had seen the Facebook ads for months but didn’t really trust that it would do what they were claiming. However, my Daddy was getting married, I had to wear a dress, and Spanx is expensive and uncomfortable to me so I ordered Shapermint.

I was so pleasantly surprised by Shapermint. I wore it for hours, both sitting and standing, and it didn’t roll down or cut off my circulation. It basically just smoothed out my rolls. When I had to go to the restroom it was no different than wearing a longer pair of underwear. It rolled down and up without issue but only when I wanted it to.

Shapermint has these two grippy strips that run around the top and they keep your Shapewear in place. It’s like magic and best of all (at least to me) is the price of Shapermint. It’s so inexpensive for Shapewear and it really works.

Check out my video here. FYI I was sick and I kept hitting the bag because I needed something to do with my hand. 😊

If you use my referral link I will get a referral bonus but you’ll have the opportunity to get a little something too. Thanks for your support!

Passion: What would you be willing to do for it? FYI: Hunting photo pictured.

I shared with you earlier this week about my passion for Service. I am happy to report I got up at 5:30a this lovely Saturday morning to go downtown to my local Red Cross so I could donate Platelets. I am a Cancer Survivor, even though it sounds silly to call myself a survivor when so many have suffered much worse Cancers than I had, but I did lose my ability to have children so that was difficult for me. There is a critical shortage of Platelets that many Cancer patients need to win their battle so I give Platelets as a way to try and help. It is by the Grace of God that I have two beautiful healthy boys and some really strong people in my life that have fought their own battles with this horrific disease.

Our oldest son, Steven (21), has a passion for travel, art, and preserving beautiful places. He makes sacrifices (eating kraft Mac & Cheese and Ramen 😊) so that he can see the World. He’s been to so many countries and seen some of the most gorgeous places. He also brings home and creates some amazing pieces of art. Steven is responsible for most of the decor in our home. He is also quite often reminding me of ways we can reduce our waste like using reusable straws, water bottles, and bringing our own grocery bags or asking for things not to be bagged at all.

Our youngest, Jake (13), is in the picture holding two ducks. His passions are snakes, anything military, and hunting. He has a real talent for hunting. Not to worry he doesn’t hunt for sport, every kill is consumed by someone, but never me 🤢. He will sit in blinds at all hours in the craziest weather to pursue his passion. He knows more about snakes, weapons, and military stuff than anyone I have met. He wants to serve in the military when he grows up.

However, my husband Jay, might have the greatest passion of all of us. He has the strongest Faith in God. He will go above and beyond for any of us and really just anyone he sees that has a need. He loves our boys and even me with such passion that he gives up his own comfort to make sure we’re good. When Steven was in Spain he gave up his chance to go so that I could go see our boy. For about 6 months now he has driven Steven’s Jeep, that has no air conditioning and only one working (passenger) window, so that Steven wouldn’t have to endure the Charleston Summer. He also gets up at 3am to drive two hours away to take Jake on a Dove, Deer, or today a Duck hunt and anyone who knows Jay would definitely say he is NOT the hunting type. Not to mention these hunts are almost always on a Saturday during College football game times. He helps set up blinds and encourages Jake to pursue his passion even though it means he (Jay) has to make sacrifices. Our journey as a couple is a testament to his Faith and God’s Grace but that’s another story entirely.

Through all of this rambling I just wanted to share some of what our family does to pursue our passions. It’s important to do things you love and to see what a Gift that this thing we call LIFE is. It’s not about just making a dollar or trying to be like everyone else. We are a family but our passions in life our not the same. That’s the beauty of discovering what God has gifted you with and pursuing that passion instead of writing it off as unattainable.

Thanks for letting me share. ✌️

Give Life This Holiday Season!

So drug my butt out of bed and drove downtown to get my 9:30a Platelet Donation Appt started only to find out it isn’t until 11:30a. They don’t even open until 11a today.

I don’t have 4 hours to spare this afternoon so I will be getting here at 6:30a on Saturday.

Y’all Saturday is going to be rough because I’m going to be so sleepy and I have to constantly squeeze this thingy. Last time I had a 9:30a appointment and kept falling asleep. The blood guy kept laughing at me each time he woke me up so I could keep squeezing.

You might be wondering why I’m giving Platelets during the Thanksgiving hustle, especially since we are hosting for the first time, or maybe you don’t care but it’s because Holiday times are critical times to the Red Cross. They have a shortage of blood and Platelets because everyone is too busy to give.

So this Holiday season I would encourage you if you have an hour be a super star and give blood and if you have four hours be a rockstar cancer butt kicker and give platelets.

It costs nothing but a little time to save a life!

Save $ This Holiday Season

I’ve posted this before and will probably post many many times because you will save money using these apps/websites. So what are you waiting for? Hurry, click on my links and start saving cash now! Black Friday and Christmas are right around the corner.

This is a list of my most used apps that have helped me save hundreds of $$$$s. These apps either offer gift cards to many different stores such as Amazon, Walmart, Starbucks, or they use PayPal, or they send an actual check.

I am only posting apps I actually use and giving my honest opinion of each app. If you click on my links and sign up I will be compensated at no extra charge to you. In some cases you will receive a bonus for using my referral link. I appreciate your support! 🥰

Ibotta Rakuten Swagbucks Fetch Rewards Shopkick Checkout 51 Coinout Panel App GetUpside

First up is by far my most used and most favorite app, Ibotta. This is a grocery app that gives you cash back for chosen items. The cash back can be redeemed after you earn $20 or more for many retail gift cards or transferred to your PayPal account. Ibotta has a ton of name brand items and any brand items to choose from so you are sure to find something you can save money on. You have to grocery shop anyway so use Ibotta and get paid to do it.

Next we have Rakuten. This app/website allows you to earn money when you shop on it. It was originally known as Ebates but they rebranded it as Rakuten. After you sign up for Rakuten and reach your first $25 you will get a bonus of $10. You get a percentage back for each purchase made through Rakuten and once you reach $25 you will get either what they call a big fat check or a transfer to PayPal at the end of each quarter. Rakuten pays you to shop online thru their website or app at over 2000 stores.

Swagbucks is another shopping app that allows you to get a percentage back when you shop online thru their app. Swagbucks gives you swagbucks (essentially points) that can be redeemed for numerous gift cards. For example, you can get a $3 Amazon gift card when you reach 300 swagbucks . Swagbucks also gives you a daily poll where you can earn 1 swagbuck, many surveys that you can complete for various amounts of swagbucks, and occasionally they add a 2 point swagbucks code to their Facebook page. I personally prefer to shop through Swagbucks because I can redeem swagbucks as soon as I have 300 or more so I don’t have to wait for a quarterly check.

The Fetch Rewards app is an app where you scan your grocery store receipts and earn points for items purchased. There is nothing else you have to do. If you use Fetch Rewards you will get a minimum of 25 points per receipt and extra bonus points if you buy featured products. I personally just buy what I’m going to buy and then scan my receipt into Fetch Rewards so any bonus points are just that for me, a bonus. You can redeem points for numerous gift cards when you reach 3000 points.

Shopkick is another app where you can get points from scanning. Shopkick gives you a list of products to scan while you’re in the store. You can also watch certain videos on the app and earn from 3 to 15 points each day. Also, if you purchase featured products then you can scan your receipt for even more points or get what they call walk-in points for simply opening the Shopkick app while in the store. You choose the gift card you want and it marks your progress towards this goal each time you get a point. So it’s up to you how many points you’ll need before you can redeem depending on your chosen reward.

Checkout51 is another grocery app like Ibotta where you add offers in the app and then go shopping. Once you’ve made your purchases you scan your receipt into Checkout51 and get cash back. Once you reach $20 you can cash out to a PayPal account. I prefer Ibotta over Checkout51 because there is a larger food selection and you reach your cash out balances much quicker but at times each app will offer money off the same item so that’s why I use both.

Coinout is a receipt scanning app. You scan all of your receipts and earn a few cents per receipt. Amounts vary, there are limits to how many receipts you can scan in a day, and in my opinion it takes a while to accumulate funds. The reason I use Coinout is because I have the receipts anyway and it takes seconds to scan. Coinout also let me cash out at $7 to my PayPal account.

Panel App is an app that works in your background. It runs on your phone tracking your travel at all times. You earn points through this tracking. You can also take a survey on Panel App about every other day regarding your whereabouts at certain times and earn extra points. You really don’t have to do anything which is why I love Panel App. You can begin redeeming points for gift cards starting at 2000 points.

Finally, I use the GetUpside app to save on gas. When I’m ready to get gas I pull up the GetUpside app, choose my gas station from the ones offered, get my gas within 3 hours of claiming my gas price, and then I scan my receipt. Once you reach $10 in GetUpside you can cash out for gift cards, PayPal, or a mailed check. It’s so easy to use and you have to get gas anyway so might as well make some money in the process.

So those are my most used apps for saving money. I would recommend them all. Many allow you to accumulate points/money until you are ready to redeem. I love that almost all offer Amazon as one of their gift cards because around Christmas it comes in handy. I hope you find at least one or two that appeal to you. Remember it costs nothing to try them out. Happy deal seeking!

P.S. Don’t forget to download your grocery store app for digital coupons too.

Grove Collaborative Unboxing

I just unboxed my Grove Collaborative Box and love my free Mrs. Meyers gift set!

At the time I got my first box Grove Collaborative was offering a $40 Mrs. Meyers Peppermint gift set, with walnut and cellulose (dishwasher safe) sponge, and adorable caddy in your choice of three different colors. All I had to do was purchase $20 worth of product. I ended up spending $23.

I like that Grove Collaborative tries very hard to be environmentally friendly. Almost everything they send can be recycled or is purposed to reduce waste.

Some of the scents were really nice and some were very strong. So not everything I bought will be repurchased by me. However, the cleaning products are high quality products at very affordable prices. Products such as Mrs. Meyers, Method, and Seventh Generation.

Grove Collaborative is a subscription service as is most of the boxed items I’ve done unboxing videos on but you can cancel at any time. So if you just want to get your free gift set then place your first order and cancel your subscription after you receive your box. If you choose to keep your subscription then you have control on how often they send you refill products.

In my opinion Grove Collaborative is definitely a subscription box worth checking out.

To watch our unboxing video click here. By the way I was wearing two contacts in one eye. 🤦‍♀️

If you use my links to Grove Collaborative in this post to order your first box I do get a referral bonus at no extra cost to you. I really appreciate your support and hope you enjoy our unboxing video.

Happy Shopping!

You get a turkey! And you get a turkey! Everyone gets a turkey!

Few things to note:

1. I might have said Food Lion more than once when I was telling you where to go. So it’s $.49 lb at Kroger/Publix and $.29 lb at Food Lion. My great blessing came from Food Lion.

2. I am blinking a ton because I ripped my contact and couldn’t figure out why my eye was hurting so much.

3. I also emphasized the “WE” when talking about how many families we got turkeys for and this was in no way meant to come off as me tooting my own horn. Y’all I was just super excited and proud of myself for conquering a fear.

4. I get so excited about helping people because I feel like service was what God meant for me to do (not teaching) and I want to encourage everyone to help where they can. I don’t mean to come off as pushy I just want you to experience the joy that giving brings to my heart. I was made aware today that just like I don’t get endorphins from exercise you might not get joy from giving so if that’s the case then just keep scrolling. ✌️

Click here to see video of the awesome blessing I received today.

Poop happens!

So I was taking out the trash today and to do so you have to maneuver through a minefield of poop.

We usually have our 13 year old pick it up once a week but during the wet Fall and Colder Winter months we let this chore fall to the wayside. So as a result I stepped in a big pile of poop today.

I tried to clean it myself but I started gagging and had to stop. When my kid got home I asked him if he would clean my shoe for me. He was reluctant but chose to help a damsel in distress in spite of his own aversion to poop.

While we were outside I decided to do a little video because I’m weird like that. I never know when something mundane is going to become hilarious so I’ve just started recording random stuff.

Today ended up being a gem!

Anyway I guess the point I’m trying to make is that sometimes in life poop happens. During these moments you can choose to be angry about it or just let it unfold and let the funniness of the moment take over. We started out with one poopy shoe and ended up with three poopy shoes when we got done cleaning the mess. We also laughed a lot! And laughing with your teenager is a really cool feeling.

To see what happened watch here for part one and here for part two.

PSA: We use tons of chlorine to clean up our mini pond before swimming in it in the Summer. We also know we need to rebuild our deck. Thanks!

Kroger 11/8/19

In this video you will see great Kellogg’s cereal deals as well as some other 2 day Kroger sales.

You will also learn the word of the day “um”. I think I say it about a hundred times. 😂

I sound like I just walked up five flights of stairs because I pulled a muscle right under my ribs. It hurts to breath. 😢

Today I used Ibotta to save 20 cents, to save $1.00, Fetch Rewards to get 50 points, and Saving Star app to work towards $5 when you spend $25 on Kellogg’s cereal. I also used coupons found on the Kroger app and a manufacturer coupon.

As always, happy shopping!

Honest Review of Día+Co

Today I received my Día&Co box. For those of you who don’t know Día&Co they are an online plus size clothing company that provides a personal stylist for its customers. It’s high quality clothing and very fashionable.

You fill out a body type and favorite style quiz and based on your results Día&Co will make recommendations for you to try. You get to pick 3 items to add to your box and your stylist will surprise you with two additional pieces of clothing.

You have 5 days from the time you receive your box to try everything on. Decide what, if anything, you like and send the rest back at no cost. You only pay for what you want. All individual prices are listed with garment description and a bonus is offered if you buy everything sent. They include a large bag with already attached shipping label so all you have to do is fill the bag with unwanted merchandise and drop off at your local post office.

I personally did not purchase anything from Día&Co this time. I loved the jeans (49.99) and the 3/4 sleeve cardigan (59.99) but they were way to pricey for my budget. However, the rest was not a good fit. The Maxi dresses (that I chose) were just not good for my body type. The sleeveless Surplice Maxi (39.00) fit too tight in the waist and the sleeveless Halter Maxi (49.00) was too roomy in the bust. The long sleeve sweater Poncho (49.00) that my stylist chose was just weird. The long sleeves were detached from the poncho sleeve so it had these gaping open holes in the armpit area. You could see my bra and part of my underarms. I have no idea how that’s supposed to keep you warm in the winter?

So I chose not to keep anything in my Día&Co box this time. However, if I spent more on updating my wardrobe I would definitely have bought the jeans and cardigan. They were super cute.

If you’d like to try Día&Co use my link found here. FYI: I get a referral credit if you use my link but you also get your first box styled for free. Thanks for your support!

Happy Shopping!