When it rains it pours.

Sooooo this happened…

The other day our dishwasher died. Honestly it’s been slowly falling apart for about 6 months so last month I started saving for a Black Friday sale but Murphy hit in February. She’s kind of a brat like that.

Since becoming an adult I have learned the luxury of having a dishwasher is not one I want to live without so we bought a new one. By the way in case you weren’t aware they are expensive (never had to buy one until now). And yet again another budget month busted wide open like a Piñata of debt raining down on us.

So we pull the old one out so the installation of the new one can be done and find a totally soaked through floor. We thought it was weird but maybe all floors under dishwashers look like that? Yeah, no.

The guy brought our new dishwasher and said our floor was rotting out and he couldn’t install it. So now what seemed like a big financial bump in the road has become a possible crater. We have to have the damage assessed by a professional to find out the extent of the damage. It could be big or simple we just don’t know.

What I do know is right now the boys (husband and youngest son 😁) are back to doing dishes by hand while standing next to our brand new uninstalled dishwasher and I’m guessing by their complaints that it isn’t fun. I am also part of a Bible Study group and our book right now is One Thousand Gifts so I am sure I should be trying to find the gift in all this mess.

I guess I am thankful the water comes out of my faucet. ✌️

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