What’s for dinner?

So I had this pin on my Pinterest board titled “What’s for dinner?” for a few years now. I’ve been wanting to create a meal board since I pinned it. Last year I contacted the creator Robygurl1 and bought a pdf of all of her recipes. I ordered card stock, magnets, a calendar board, and a laminator from Amazon (among other little items). Well, the stuff sat on my dining room table for months.

The reason I wanted a meal board was to have a place everyone could go to and know what’s for dinner. I’m also hoping that having the recipes right there and color coded will help me to reduce our grocery bill.

I am great at starting projects. I’ll order everything I need. Gather all my materials and then lose interest. Well last month I told myself I was going to complete my meal board. So it took me just over a month and a half (mistakes were made and recipes were added) but it’s done.

Half of the recipes I bought my picky eaters won’t touch so I’ll just continue to add what they will eat as I go along. They’ve already given a hard no to Salisbury Steak which sounded yummy to me. I forgot I bought these really cute colorful magnets to hold the recipes to each day and by the time I remembered it was too late. So my meal board isn’t as pretty as the one on Pinterest but to me it’s cute enough. 😊

You can check out the Amazon items I purchased here.

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