Thred Up: Hit or Miss With this One.

So I ordered a new Thred Up box. It’s an online clothing service that sends you 10-15 different pieces of gently used clothing.

While I didn’t care for the box I can definitely see how it could be a Hit or Miss situation. Thred Up sent me a Michael Kors sleeveless sweater, Seven7 distressed skinny jeans, Torrid Crinkle L/S Top, and two Kate Spades a Cross body and a clutch, among other more off brand items.

There was no stylist with this box so pieces were very random. I found most pieces to be ill-fitting and quite pricey for my budget. I guess because it’s second hand I just thought the items would be cheaper. Nothing is priced in the box itself so be sure to keep your email with the order details or you’ll be looking for each piece on the Thred Up site just to find out how much each item costs.

Overall my feelings were meh. I am not a name brand person so the costs may have been great. I’m really not sure. The idea of Thred Up isn’t a bad one but for me it makes more sense to check out local thrift shops. I will give them credit for making returns so easy. You just repack your Thred Up box, slap on the return sticker, tape it, and drop off at USPS.

I would suggest taking a look at the Thred Up site and determine if it’s something you’d like to try. Perhaps you will have better luck.

Note: If you click on my links to Thred Up in the post I may receive a referral fee. I appreciate your support.

Happy Unboxing!

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