Just around the corner…

We spend months preparing for it.

Deciding who is going where and when, what we’re going to eat, what gift will be bought for this person or that one, how much are we going to spend or not spend this year? How will we serve? Will we have time to serve or should we just donate financially? How do we focus more on presence over presents? Will Jesus be the focus of the season or just a thought here and there?

And just like that Christmas is over and we are faced with a whole new challenge. We call this challenge RESOLUTIONS.

I have such a hard time with making and sticking to my resolutions. I mean 3 weeks into January and they just become things to try and work on next year. I know I’m not alone but man do I feel like a failure.

So this year I am going to try and make more intentional resolutions. I am going to try and make more attainable goals. I am going to be realistic and honest about what I think I can accomplish and not set myself up for failure coming out of the gate.

2020 will be my year. The start to my best decade so far. However, with all of that said it’s December 29th 11:50p and I only have 3 days (2 if you don’t count New Year’s Day) to figure out the next year of my life!

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