FabFitFun Winter Box is Amazing! Worth every penny.

So you may recall that might first FabFitFun box was the Fall box and I ended up giving most of my items away. I really didn’t see the appeal for me to spend $50 on a subscription box, that though a good deal when you factor in that you get $200 worth of full size products, if I was just going to give everything away.

The FabFitFun box is a quarterly (seasonal) or annual (cheaper price) subscription box. The benefit to paying a little more for a seasonal versus annual subscription is you can cancel at anytime. Which was totally my intention after trying out the Fall box and not really being thrilled with what I got. However, I being human obviously forgot to do this so enter the FabFitFun Winter box.

This box came with so many things that I absolutely loved. The blanket is the softest thing ever. I got a Bluetooth ban.do speaker for my shower. And ironically, since I just jumped on The Happy Planner band wagon, I also got a Paper Source 2020 planner.

The Winter FabFitFun box came with so many awesome products that I am eager to try out. I am pleasantly surprised and have changed my opinion regarding this subscription service.

To see the FabFitFun Winter box unboxing video click here.

FYI: If you use my links to order your own FabFitFun box I will get a referral fee which I appreciate very much. You may also receive $10 off your first box.

Happy unboxing!

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