Passion: What would you be willing to do for it? FYI: Hunting photo pictured.

I shared with you earlier this week about my passion for Service. I am happy to report I got up at 5:30a this lovely Saturday morning to go downtown to my local Red Cross so I could donate Platelets. I am a Cancer Survivor, even though it sounds silly to call myself a survivor when so many have suffered much worse Cancers than I had, but I did lose my ability to have children so that was difficult for me. There is a critical shortage of Platelets that many Cancer patients need to win their battle so I give Platelets as a way to try and help. It is by the Grace of God that I have two beautiful healthy boys and some really strong people in my life that have fought their own battles with this horrific disease.

Our oldest son, Steven (21), has a passion for travel, art, and preserving beautiful places. He makes sacrifices (eating kraft Mac & Cheese and Ramen 😊) so that he can see the World. He’s been to so many countries and seen some of the most gorgeous places. He also brings home and creates some amazing pieces of art. Steven is responsible for most of the decor in our home. He is also quite often reminding me of ways we can reduce our waste like using reusable straws, water bottles, and bringing our own grocery bags or asking for things not to be bagged at all.

Our youngest, Jake (13), is in the picture holding two ducks. His passions are snakes, anything military, and hunting. He has a real talent for hunting. Not to worry he doesn’t hunt for sport, every kill is consumed by someone, but never me 🤢. He will sit in blinds at all hours in the craziest weather to pursue his passion. He knows more about snakes, weapons, and military stuff than anyone I have met. He wants to serve in the military when he grows up.

However, my husband Jay, might have the greatest passion of all of us. He has the strongest Faith in God. He will go above and beyond for any of us and really just anyone he sees that has a need. He loves our boys and even me with such passion that he gives up his own comfort to make sure we’re good. When Steven was in Spain he gave up his chance to go so that I could go see our boy. For about 6 months now he has driven Steven’s Jeep, that has no air conditioning and only one working (passenger) window, so that Steven wouldn’t have to endure the Charleston Summer. He also gets up at 3am to drive two hours away to take Jake on a Dove, Deer, or today a Duck hunt and anyone who knows Jay would definitely say he is NOT the hunting type. Not to mention these hunts are almost always on a Saturday during College football game times. He helps set up blinds and encourages Jake to pursue his passion even though it means he (Jay) has to make sacrifices. Our journey as a couple is a testament to his Faith and God’s Grace but that’s another story entirely.

Through all of this rambling I just wanted to share some of what our family does to pursue our passions. It’s important to do things you love and to see what a Gift that this thing we call LIFE is. It’s not about just making a dollar or trying to be like everyone else. We are a family but our passions in life our not the same. That’s the beauty of discovering what God has gifted you with and pursuing that passion instead of writing it off as unattainable.

Thanks for letting me share. ✌️

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