Give Life This Holiday Season!

So drug my butt out of bed and drove downtown to get my 9:30a Platelet Donation Appt started only to find out it isn’t until 11:30a. They don’t even open until 11a today.

I don’t have 4 hours to spare this afternoon so I will be getting here at 6:30a on Saturday.

Y’all Saturday is going to be rough because I’m going to be so sleepy and I have to constantly squeeze this thingy. Last time I had a 9:30a appointment and kept falling asleep. The blood guy kept laughing at me each time he woke me up so I could keep squeezing.

You might be wondering why I’m giving Platelets during the Thanksgiving hustle, especially since we are hosting for the first time, or maybe you don’t care but it’s because Holiday times are critical times to the Red Cross. They have a shortage of blood and Platelets because everyone is too busy to give.

So this Holiday season I would encourage you if you have an hour be a super star and give blood and if you have four hours be a rockstar cancer butt kicker and give platelets.

It costs nothing but a little time to save a life!

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