Save $ This Holiday Season

I’ve posted this before and will probably post many many times because you will save money using these apps/websites. So what are you waiting for? Hurry, click on my links and start saving cash now! Black Friday and Christmas are right around the corner.

This is a list of my most used apps that have helped me save hundreds of $$$$s. These apps either offer gift cards to many different stores such as Amazon, Walmart, Starbucks, or they use PayPal, or they send an actual check.

I am only posting apps I actually use and giving my honest opinion of each app. If you click on my links and sign up I will be compensated at no extra charge to you. In some cases you will receive a bonus for using my referral link. I appreciate your support! 🥰

Ibotta Rakuten Swagbucks Fetch Rewards Shopkick Checkout 51 Coinout Panel App GetUpside

First up is by far my most used and most favorite app, Ibotta. This is a grocery app that gives you cash back for chosen items. The cash back can be redeemed after you earn $20 or more for many retail gift cards or transferred to your PayPal account. Ibotta has a ton of name brand items and any brand items to choose from so you are sure to find something you can save money on. You have to grocery shop anyway so use Ibotta and get paid to do it.

Next we have Rakuten. This app/website allows you to earn money when you shop on it. It was originally known as Ebates but they rebranded it as Rakuten. After you sign up for Rakuten and reach your first $25 you will get a bonus of $10. You get a percentage back for each purchase made through Rakuten and once you reach $25 you will get either what they call a big fat check or a transfer to PayPal at the end of each quarter. Rakuten pays you to shop online thru their website or app at over 2000 stores.

Swagbucks is another shopping app that allows you to get a percentage back when you shop online thru their app. Swagbucks gives you swagbucks (essentially points) that can be redeemed for numerous gift cards. For example, you can get a $3 Amazon gift card when you reach 300 swagbucks . Swagbucks also gives you a daily poll where you can earn 1 swagbuck, many surveys that you can complete for various amounts of swagbucks, and occasionally they add a 2 point swagbucks code to their Facebook page. I personally prefer to shop through Swagbucks because I can redeem swagbucks as soon as I have 300 or more so I don’t have to wait for a quarterly check.

The Fetch Rewards app is an app where you scan your grocery store receipts and earn points for items purchased. There is nothing else you have to do. If you use Fetch Rewards you will get a minimum of 25 points per receipt and extra bonus points if you buy featured products. I personally just buy what I’m going to buy and then scan my receipt into Fetch Rewards so any bonus points are just that for me, a bonus. You can redeem points for numerous gift cards when you reach 3000 points.

Shopkick is another app where you can get points from scanning. Shopkick gives you a list of products to scan while you’re in the store. You can also watch certain videos on the app and earn from 3 to 15 points each day. Also, if you purchase featured products then you can scan your receipt for even more points or get what they call walk-in points for simply opening the Shopkick app while in the store. You choose the gift card you want and it marks your progress towards this goal each time you get a point. So it’s up to you how many points you’ll need before you can redeem depending on your chosen reward.

Checkout51 is another grocery app like Ibotta where you add offers in the app and then go shopping. Once you’ve made your purchases you scan your receipt into Checkout51 and get cash back. Once you reach $20 you can cash out to a PayPal account. I prefer Ibotta over Checkout51 because there is a larger food selection and you reach your cash out balances much quicker but at times each app will offer money off the same item so that’s why I use both.

Coinout is a receipt scanning app. You scan all of your receipts and earn a few cents per receipt. Amounts vary, there are limits to how many receipts you can scan in a day, and in my opinion it takes a while to accumulate funds. The reason I use Coinout is because I have the receipts anyway and it takes seconds to scan. Coinout also let me cash out at $7 to my PayPal account.

Panel App is an app that works in your background. It runs on your phone tracking your travel at all times. You earn points through this tracking. You can also take a survey on Panel App about every other day regarding your whereabouts at certain times and earn extra points. You really don’t have to do anything which is why I love Panel App. You can begin redeeming points for gift cards starting at 2000 points.

Finally, I use the GetUpside app to save on gas. When I’m ready to get gas I pull up the GetUpside app, choose my gas station from the ones offered, get my gas within 3 hours of claiming my gas price, and then I scan my receipt. Once you reach $10 in GetUpside you can cash out for gift cards, PayPal, or a mailed check. It’s so easy to use and you have to get gas anyway so might as well make some money in the process.

So those are my most used apps for saving money. I would recommend them all. Many allow you to accumulate points/money until you are ready to redeem. I love that almost all offer Amazon as one of their gift cards because around Christmas it comes in handy. I hope you find at least one or two that appeal to you. Remember it costs nothing to try them out. Happy deal seeking!

P.S. Don’t forget to download your grocery store app for digital coupons too.

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