You get a turkey! And you get a turkey! Everyone gets a turkey!

Few things to note:

1. I might have said Food Lion more than once when I was telling you where to go. So it’s $.49 lb at Kroger/Publix and $.29 lb at Food Lion. My great blessing came from Food Lion.

2. I am blinking a ton because I ripped my contact and couldn’t figure out why my eye was hurting so much.

3. I also emphasized the “WE” when talking about how many families we got turkeys for and this was in no way meant to come off as me tooting my own horn. Y’all I was just super excited and proud of myself for conquering a fear.

4. I get so excited about helping people because I feel like service was what God meant for me to do (not teaching) and I want to encourage everyone to help where they can. I don’t mean to come off as pushy I just want you to experience the joy that giving brings to my heart. I was made aware today that just like I don’t get endorphins from exercise you might not get joy from giving so if that’s the case then just keep scrolling. ✌️

Click here to see video of the awesome blessing I received today.

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