Poop happens!

So I was taking out the trash today and to do so you have to maneuver through a minefield of poop.

We usually have our 13 year old pick it up once a week but during the wet Fall and Colder Winter months we let this chore fall to the wayside. So as a result I stepped in a big pile of poop today.

I tried to clean it myself but I started gagging and had to stop. When my kid got home I asked him if he would clean my shoe for me. He was reluctant but chose to help a damsel in distress in spite of his own aversion to poop.

While we were outside I decided to do a little video because I’m weird like that. I never know when something mundane is going to become hilarious so I’ve just started recording random stuff.

Today ended up being a gem!

Anyway I guess the point I’m trying to make is that sometimes in life poop happens. During these moments you can choose to be angry about it or just let it unfold and let the funniness of the moment take over. We started out with one poopy shoe and ended up with three poopy shoes when we got done cleaning the mess. We also laughed a lot! And laughing with your teenager is a really cool feeling.

To see what happened watch here for part one and here for part two.

PSA: We use tons of chlorine to clean up our mini pond before swimming in it in the Summer. We also know we need to rebuild our deck. Thanks!

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