Honest Review of Día+Co

Today I received my Día&Co box. For those of you who don’t know Día&Co they are an online plus size clothing company that provides a personal stylist for its customers. It’s high quality clothing and very fashionable.

You fill out a body type and favorite style quiz and based on your results Día&Co will make recommendations for you to try. You get to pick 3 items to add to your box and your stylist will surprise you with two additional pieces of clothing.

You have 5 days from the time you receive your box to try everything on. Decide what, if anything, you like and send the rest back at no cost. You only pay for what you want. All individual prices are listed with garment description and a bonus is offered if you buy everything sent. They include a large bag with already attached shipping label so all you have to do is fill the bag with unwanted merchandise and drop off at your local post office.

I personally did not purchase anything from Día&Co this time. I loved the jeans (49.99) and the 3/4 sleeve cardigan (59.99) but they were way to pricey for my budget. However, the rest was not a good fit. The Maxi dresses (that I chose) were just not good for my body type. The sleeveless Surplice Maxi (39.00) fit too tight in the waist and the sleeveless Halter Maxi (49.00) was too roomy in the bust. The long sleeve sweater Poncho (49.00) that my stylist chose was just weird. The long sleeves were detached from the poncho sleeve so it had these gaping open holes in the armpit area. You could see my bra and part of my underarms. I have no idea how that’s supposed to keep you warm in the winter?

So I chose not to keep anything in my Día&Co box this time. However, if I spent more on updating my wardrobe I would definitely have bought the jeans and cardigan. They were super cute.

If you’d like to try Día&Co use my link found here. FYI: I get a referral credit if you use my link but you also get your first box styled for free. Thanks for your support!

Happy Shopping!

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