To ask or not to ask? Is it really a question…

Sometimes the hardest thing for an introvert to do is reach out and ask for help. We are afraid of being told no or worse feeling like a fool for even asking. So I went out on a limb a few times this week where finances were concerned.

First the Wins:

Almost every Saturday night we get a redbox movie to watch. Most of the time we have a freebie or discount code if we don’t have enough points built up for a free rental. So I rarely pay full price for a movie. FYI: I find these codes on other blogging sites or through Redbox emails. Well this time we got one on a Friday night because Jay (husband) was going out of town for an extended business trip. Well guess what happened when we went to pick him up from the airport a week later…yep that’s right…I find a Redbox Disc in my purse. It had been there for a whole week and I never saw it. So a movie I paid 60 cents for and didn’t even really like (it was “Ma” by the way) was about to cost me $12. No way was this deal seeking Mama going to pay that much for a movie and especially not for one I didn’t really even enjoy. So I sucked up all my anxiety and prepared myself to beg for a refund. You know what happened? I got the nicest Redbox service rep who asked me to briefly describe what had happened so I did. She put me on hold for about 2 minutes and came back to the line saying she could issue a refund for the excess days and she thanked me for being such a loyal customer. I felt so good that I was able to overcome my fears and just call not knowing the outcome and even better when I got my hard earned money back. Score 1 for Azure.

My next win was a real relief. I had ordered the Microsoft Office software for what I thought was a one time fee. I assumed they would send a disc and I would download it and that would be it. Okay obviously I am still in the dark ages of computer use because when I called to find out why there was no shipping information the Amazon representative politely informed me that it doesn’t work that way anymore. He advised me that what I had purchased was software that had to be downloaded to my computer and it was a yearly subscription. I would have to pay every year to have this software or lose it. Not only had I purchased a subscription but I had also been made aware that I purchased the one for 6 different computers. I have 1 laptop. I explained, not that I had to, that I had no idea what I had ordered as I had obviously not read the description and could I please have a refund. The representative then advised me that Amazon does not refund software purchases but because I had obviously not realized what I was doing he would waive that policy this one time. I was beyond relieved. I am learning the computer, rather amazon, may not be my friend when my husband is traveling.

In case you want to buy the software that I needed to buy here is the link (please see affiliate disclosure at bottom of post):

Now the loss (boo!)

While Jay was on his business trip I got bored and started looking at My personal kryptonite. I started to think about things that I would like to have if we had some extra cash. I then turned those thoughts into a need right now frantic search for a laptop. I had convinced myself that our current laptop, which is probably 8 years old if not older, was not going to make it through the week. So I did it. I ordered a laptop. Mind you tech stuff is usually my husband’s department because he does tons of research and tries to find the best item at the best price. I did something that we agreed not to do which is make a major purchase without consulting one another first. Not to mention we are trying to follow the Dave Ramsey Baby Steps right now. My husband was surprised but he did some research and decided that the Acer Laptop I got with the many gold stars and reviews (this is how I research) was not a bad purchase. However, this week I noticed the price had dropped over $30. I decided to chat with Amazon and see if I could get a price match. After 5 representatives and much begging on my part I was told that policy dictated no price matching but I could return the laptop and order a new one if I chose to do so. 1- I have heard about people getting booted from Amazon for returning to many items and 2- my husband had already transferred files and set up our new laptop. We opted to suck up the loss. I also learned a valuable lesson which is that Amazon along with Walmart (another story) no longer price match items even if it drops the next day. Unfortunately price matching is becoming a thing of the past. So this was not a win but at least I asked.

In case you want to see what laptop I bought or if you are in the market here is the link:

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